Registration for the 2023-24 school year begins on February 1st for current Preschool families and members of St. Mark. Open registration begins on February 15th.

Preschool With Childcare Complete

Preschool and childcare options for your child’s regular preschool day PLUS childcare for non-preschool days. The 7:00AM -12:30PM option requires a $70 non-refundable registration fee. The 7:00 AM-3:30PM/5:30PM options require a $150 non-refundable registration fee.

3 Year-Old-Class

Preschool Childcare Time Cost
T/TH M/W/F 7:00AM-12:30PM $630/month
T/TH M/W/F 7:00AM-3:30PM $887/month
T/TH M/W/F 7:00AM-5:30PM $1089/month

4 Year-Old-Class

Preschool Childcare Time Cost
M/W/F T/TH 7:00AM-12:30PM $613/month
M/W/F T/TH 7:00AM-3:30PM $876/month
M/W/F T/TH 7:00AM-5:30PM $1078/month

Pre-K 5 Class

Preschool Childcare Time Cost
M/T/W/TH/F M/T/W/TH/F 7:00AM-12:30PM $559/month
M/T/W/TH/F M/T/W/TH/F 7:00AM-3:30PM $835/month
M/T/W/TH/F M/T/W/TH/F 7:00AM-5:30PM $1037/month

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