Referral Rewards Program


Referring Party Eligibility
The St. Mark Lutheran Preschool & Childcare Center (STMLPCC) Referral Rewards Program is an incentive program offered to currently enrolled families/students. Eligible families/students will:

  • Have been enrolled and attending STMLPCC for at least one (1) month.
  • Be current on any outstanding tuition payments.

Referred Party Eligibility
In order to receive the discount offered to students/families being referred, they must:

  • Have fully registered and been accepted as a student to STMLPCC.
  • Have been enrolled and attending STMLPCC for at least one (1) month with full tuition paid and current.

E-Pay/Automatic Billing
In order to receive a referral reward (or any discount), each receiving student/family must be enrolled or agree to enroll in STMLPCC’s automatic and electronic payment program.

Reward Details

Referring Party Reward
Upon confirmation of an eligible and proper referral, STMLPCC will award the referring student/family a discount applied to one (1) month worth of tuition in the amount equal to the monthly tuition being paid by the referred family/student.

Referred Party Reward
Upon being accepted into STMLPCC, and after attending/paying for one (1) month, the party referred to STMLPCC by a current family/student will receive a 10% discount on one (1) month’s tuition.

  • Example: Mrs. Smith is paying $670 for preschool with childcare 5 days a week. Mrs. Smith refers Mrs. Jackson, who enrolls paying $419 for preschool with childcare 3 days a week. After one month of paid tuition, the Referral Rewards will be awarded as follows:
    o Mrs. Smith will receive a $419 credit toward tuition the following month.
    o Mrs. Jackson will receive a 10% discount the following month.

Limitations and Exceptions

Unlimited Rewards
There is no limit to the amount of referrals and rewards that a currently enrolled student/family may receive. In the event that multiple referrals are given, received and confirmed in accordance with the above stipulations, the referring family/student will only receive one (1) reward applied to their tuition per month. No more than one (1) reward per one referral will be awarded toward any one (1) month’s tuition.

Tuition Differences
When the referred party enrolls into a STMLPCC service package that is higher in monthly tuition than the referring party is paying, the referring party will receive a 100% reward on tuition for one (1) month in accordance with the stipulations above. Referring parties will never be awarded more than 100% tuition for any one referral reward.

Combined Discounts
If a referring or referred party is currently receiving any one (1) of the regular tuition discounts offered by STMLPCC, the following limitations will apply:

  • The referring party discount will be reduced by the equivalent percentage of discount they are receiving already.
    • Example: Mrs. Smith (from above example) referred Mrs. Jackson who is paying $419 a month. Mrs. Smith is already receiving a 10% membership discount on her regular monthly tuition. When the referral reward is given to Mrs. Smith, the reward will be reduced by $41.90.
  • The referral reward given to the referred party will either be reduced by the equivalent percentage of discount they are already receiving, or the referred party will receive no referral reward, depending on whether or not the 10% referral reward discount is equal to or exceeds the percentage of discount already being awarded.

*Does not apply to Summer

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